Thank you for your continued support of the ministry at Grace.

There are two ways that you can give to Grace:

1) Mail a check to the church

Grace Baptist Church
4417 53rd Street
Moline, IL 61265
Please designate which funds you would like your giving to go into.

2) Give online using the link below:
Please designate which funds you would like your giving to go into by noting it in the note/memo field of the giving form. Giving online generates transaction fees that will be applied to each contribution. There is an option to “cover the fees” on the contribution form which allows you to add the cost of the fees to your contribution if you choose to. More information on covering the fees and calculating the fees is below.





Covering the fees: Transaction fees are a normal part of any electronic transaction. As a result, transaction fees are assessed to each online transaction that is generated through the online giving form. When entering your donation, there is an option to “Cover the Fees” that you can select. You can use the formula below to determine what the fee would be for your transaction.

(G + $0.30) / (1 – (P / 100)) *rounded up to nearest cent
G = your donation amount
P = transaction fee % (2.9% for VISA/MC, 3.5% for AMEX, and 1% for ACH)

Example: If you are wishing to give $100 to the church, the transaction fees would be as follows:

Transaction Fees for $100.00
ACH – ($100.00 + $0.30) x 1% = $1.30
VISA/MC – ($100.00 + $0.30) x 2.9% = $2.91
AMEX – ($100.00 + $0.30) x 3.5% = $3.51

If you have any questions regarding the online giving form or the associated fees, please contact